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RTI TapeChek Pro Line 5100

SKU #: MO815456
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Model Description:
Cassettes Cleaner-Evaluator - For medium & large DVCPRO, Small & Large DVCAM, mini DV

Model Details

Recycling & Rejuvenation Systems for DVCPRO & DVCAM Cassettes
For Medium and Large DVCPRO Cassettes, Large DVCAM Cassettes, Small DVCAM and Mini DV Cassettes with adapter
• Meets the needs of broadcasters and other professional DVCPRO cassette users.

• Accommodates all sizes of DVCPRO and DVCAM cassettes
• Recycles--cleans the tape at high speed. Polishes recording surface, eliminates debris
and improves head-to-tape contact
• Erases - optionally provides full width erasure at high speed while tape is cleaned
• Fast - Operates at 40 times normal tape speed for
DVCPRO (25 times Mini DV play speed)
• Cleans, evaluates, erases and rewinds a 60 minute cassette in as little as 1 1/2 minutes
• Fully Automatic - insert any size cassette into motorized loader.
Automatically senses cassette size. Cleaning-evaluation cycle
starts at the push of a button.
• Microprocessor electronics control all loading and transport
functions for safe, gentle tape handling. Needs no
operator attention from start to finish.

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