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BCSSB Transfer to LTO-4 or LTO-5

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Model Description:
Back up digital assets to LTO 5, get peace of mind, free your hard drive space, ask for a quote

Model Details

Our service bureau can transfer files to LOT-5 and LTO-4:
- Transfer to LTO-5 cartridge $200 setup + $0.25/GB or flat $200 over 800GB
- Transfer to LTO-4 cartridge $200 setup + $0.35/GB or flat $140 over 400GB

More details:
- We charge an initial set up fee of $200- per order, plus a fee of $200- per LTO-5 or $140 per LTO-4 or $.25 per GB for partial LTO-5 and $.35 per GB for partial LTO-4. See chart below. Discounts are available on large orders.
- We can archive your own hard drives to LTO. Contact us for more information on your preparation and requirements.
- basic TAR processing is available and recently still used successfully for older government agency archives workflow. Contact us for pricing.

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