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ALTERAN 1 Inch Type C transfer to digital file

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Model Description:
1 inch C Format videotape digitized to Quicktime file or other file formats

Model Details

Using our professional ALTERAN lab, your tape will be treated like royalty throughout the archiving process. Our climate controlled and extremely secure facility with state of the art archiving machines is managed by staff who have been archiving video tapes for decades. Our mass media migration process is completely automated, allowing quick turn-around and extremely professional results. Unlike our competitors, we use mastering quality hardware encoders to achieve the best quality possible off your original source media. Rest assured, your tapes are in good hands at the BCSB facility.

The following items are included in this price:

- NTSC Master grade ProRes 4:2:2 10bit file generated, other file formats include: MPEG2 and DV.

Other formats (including PAL) and services such as metadata creation are available. Please call for pricing.

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