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Sony BVU-950

SONY / BVU-950
SKU #: MO5243
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Model Description:
BCS refurbished Broadcast 3/4 inch SP Editor with Time code. Optional: TBC, DNR, TCG, side panel

Model Details

Sony BVU-950 3/4" Edit recorder with Time Code.
• SP U-Matic technology
• 340 lines of horizontal resolution
• Built-in editing facility
• Shuttle speeds from still, 1/30 to X10 normal
• Type C Dolby NR
• Built-in time code generator, reader
• Vertical interval time code (VITC) or on third channel
• Internal BKU-901 TBC ( Optional)
• Built-in editing facility when 9-pin is connected to another BVU-950 also dynamic tracking and will help with transfer of marginally recorded tapes.

Optional: BKU-901A Time Base Corrector option not included.
BKU-902 Plug in Digital Noise Reducer option not included.
With BKU-901A dramatically improve S/N ratio up to 6db.

Additional Detailed Information:

For more information about this model, open the pdf file.

Additional Information

Model Brochure

BVU-950 NTSC 8524.pdf

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