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Sony DVW-A510

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Model Description:
Digital Betacam Editing Player (Analog/Digital Digibeta)

Model Details

Providing professionals with the tools to work in analog and digital, Sony's DVW-A510 Digital Betacam editing player (analog and digital), plays back digital Betacam and all analog Betacam recorded tapes. The unit includes analog video and audio outputs, SMPTE 259M serial digital V/A interface, four editable 20-bit digital audio channels, and a high-speed shuttle with picture.


  • Superb Picture Quality
  • High Quality Digital Audio
  • Betacam SP® Playback Capability
  • Versatile Integration into Current Analog Systems
  • Digital Jog Sound
  • Automatic Alignment Systems
  • Reliable Tape Transport
  • Channel Condition Monitoring
  • Audio Monitoring
  • Specifically designed for easy integration into existing analog systems.
  • The DVW-A510 has a three-color channel condition indicator, each color representing a particular error rate threshold level.
  • The DVW-A510 uses the Digital Betacam component digital recording format which provides superb picture quality and multi-generation capability to overcome the limitations of analog recording.
  • The tape transport mechanism of the DVW-A510 isdesigned for precision and robustness.
  • The DVW-A510 is fitted with the Automatic Alignment System to ensure the accurate reproduction of digital data.
  • A matrix of push buttons is provided for audio monitor switching.

Power Requirements: ÊAC 90 to 265V, 48Hz-64Hz
Power Consumption: 210VA(175W)
(serial no. 10475 and higher)
Operating Temperature: 5°C to 40°C
(41°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature: -20°C to 60°C
(-4°F to 140°F)
Humidity: 25 to 80% (relative humidity)
Recording Format: Digital Betacam®
Tape Speed: Digital Betacam®: 96.7mm/s
Betacam Playback: 118.6mm/s
Servo Lock Time: 0.5s or less (from standby on)
Load/Unload Time: 6s or less
Search Speed (Shuttle Mode): Still to approx. ±50 times normal playback speed
Digital Playback Time: Max. 124 min. with BCT-D124L cassette
Analog Playback Time: Max. 90 min. with BCT-90MLA cassette
Fast Forward/Rewind: Approx. 3 min. with BCT-D124L cassette
Dynamic Tracking Range (Variable Mode): -1 to +3 times normal playback speed

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